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About Us...

WHO We Are:

Because we are stronger together, STIR promotes healing, inspires resilience, shares social connections and celebrates the whole person through mind, body and spirit throughout Sherburne County.

WHAT We Are Going To Do:

Working together we will strengthen the 5 pillars of resiliency: Self Awareness, Self Care, Positive Relationships, Mindfulness, and Purpose.


We will build thriving individuals and communities that will: 


- REALIZE who they are and how they want to be seen


- RECOGNIZE how to take care of themselves and others in order to function at their best even in challenging times 


- RESPOND by building relationships with all people by not t and intentionally living in the moment


- RESIST re-traumatization by building on their passions and finding purpose. 

HOW We Are Going To Get There: 

Positive Life Experiences 

- Being in nurturing supportive relationships


-Living, playing and learning in safe, stable, protective and equitable environments. 

-Engaging and sharing in constructive social/civic activities that develop a sense of connectedness

- Developing social and emotional competencies

5 pillars of resiliency.png

By strengthening these pillars, we in turn, become more resilient. Instead of experiencing an overwhelming downward spiral when we encounter stress in our lives, these five pillars work together to lift us up out of the chaos we are feeling. Obtaining and maintaining these skills takes practice.

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Our Partners

Our Partners

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