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Resiliency Tools

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Created by the Robbinsdale Special Education Department with inspiration from Osseo Area Schools ALC, Wayzata Public Schools, District 196, District 916, Cooper High School, Plymouth Middle School, Sandburg Middle School and Robbinsdale Area Schools. Thank you to the districts listed for inspiration in helping us create a virtual calming space and for sharing so many great ideas and resources.

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When life gets overwhelming, take a break! ISD 728 has a commitment to dedicated spaces and strategies to promote self-regulation. In the real world, we often do not have the luxury of a designated calming room, so we want to promote strategies and solutions to give us a moment to take a breath. Tap into these resources for yourself and your classroom!

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5 Pillars of Resilience


Being self-aware has to do with realizing who you are and how you want to be seen by others. 

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Recognizing how to take care of yourself is vital to functioning at your best, even on the hard days. Self-care isn't just about caring for your physical self, but your mental/emotional and creative/spiritual self as well.

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Hit the pause button and awaken to what you're experiencing in the here and now. Observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Click to learn more!

Connecting with family, friends and others can reduce the impact of stress on your life.

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Discover your "why" in this world. What fulfills your passions and how to utilize your talents to make the world a better place. Join us to uncover your purpose. It may be found in your daily work, a hobby or something you're naturally good at.

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