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Virtual Scavenger Hunt


Engage in meaningful activities and search insightful resources. Random PRIZE drawings will take place at the end of the campaign for those who participate. Directions: Write or type your answer in the document provided and send your completed sheet to fillable sheet here.

Go to this link on social connection and tell us one thing you learned from this article. 

Click Here

Like the STIR Facebook page at

Do a random act of kindness or send a friend/colleague/

family member a gratitude note

Tell us one sign or symptom of Seasonal Affective Disorder found on this video 

Prize options include gift certificates to:


  • Coborns

  • Create and Connect Studio (Yoga & Arts) & Crafts

  • Take Off Nutrition (Shakes)

  • MoodFit

  • Cambo Flare

  • Ridgewood Bay

  • Holiday Gas Card

What number would you text for 24/7 crisis support – hint the answer can be found on

Share your favorite self-care activity on one of the Physical Friday resources

Go to the Substance Use Prevention Coalition Website and find one fact on marijauna use

Go to the Bounce Back Project Website and click on the Stay at Home Resource and identify one thing you could do while staying home.

List one way to talk to someone about mental health - hint the answer can be found under Week Two under Thriving Thursday.

Identify one of your strengths

What is one way you could increase your socialization this winter?

What other campaign topics would you like to see in the future?

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